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Megan Lyons is an award-winning hair stylist and salon owner providing five-star service and individual care.  Megan has decades' experience as a colour specialist and a keen eye for emerging trends and products to make you feel your best. Her long list of loyal clients is testament to her care and expertise. Now, from her intimate new premises at West End Megan offers an oasis: an exclusive space for one-on-one hair appointments, a world away from the stress of crowded salons.

​"Nothing makes me happier than to watch a client emerge polished, beautiful and ready for their day.  A coffee, a chat, a cut, a colour and a blow-dry all make the world of difference to how we feel about ourselves. And when I see that smile on their face when they leave, that extra spring in their step, I’m reminded of the confidence great hair can provide and I just feel so happy that I was able to make a difference in their day.”



"I am so grateful to Megan. It’s more than that warm smile and a hug and the fabulous haircut and colour - though trust me, I love that - it’s also that her whole business model works around real women’s lives. I need those appointments in advance otherwise I’d let it go too long between cuts, and if she didn’t offer the early appointments I would struggle to find the time. I also really love the compliments I get at work on my 'Megan days'!"


"Megan is so much more than a hairstylist. Over the last 30 years, she has come to know me and my hair, as well as becoming a friend and confidante. I have lost count of the number of times I have said “I feel like doing something a bit different“, and she has worked her magic to give me a new look or a new colour which is always perfect. She is a skilled stylist, keeping up to date with trends but always knowing what will suit the client best, and one you can trust completely. I love my ‘refurbishments’ as I call them, at regular intervals."



Hairstylist Megan Lyons

Suite 1, Freedom Suites

391 Montague Road,
West End, QLD 4101

Telephone 0413 582 307​

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